Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas tag

Now I don't usually do these things but I'm sick and very bored so lets give it a whirl! :)

Whats your favourite Christmas movie/s?
OK well, my favourites change all the time! But I do love National Lampoons Christmas Vacation because c'mon lets face it, its the absolute best!
I also adore ELF & Die Hard, but who doesn't so I'm going to go for The Santa Clause!
This is one of the only films that actually makes me feel 'Christmassy'  at all! Tim Allen you're some man for one man!

Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
Most definately Christmas morning! 
Although we are allowed open one present on Christmas Eve! Which is always super exciting! 
But we all enter the living room Christmas morning (Arund 6 in the morning actually due to excited children in the house)

Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

Me and my younger brother Niall have always been close, so when he said he was going travelling I was sad but delighted for him because thats something I know he really wants to do and its something that I love doing too (Wanderlust must run in my family) So we thought he wasnt coming home for Christmas, but he turned up on our doorstep without notice. It was amazing and I'll never forget it! But now he's living in Florida and wont be home this christmas but i know hes having and unreal time!

Favourite Christmas Food?
HANDS.DOWN my ma's Christmas sausage meat stuffing.
I legit wait ALL YEAR for this stuff! And it makes my mouth water even thinking about it. 

Favourite Christmas gift?
oh good god I have the memory of a goldfish. Thats a tough aul question alright! 
Well my boyfriend got me an amazing phone last year and I adore it!
I also remember I was about 12 and got my very first Bass guitar...legit nearly cried my eyes out with joy cause I was a big aul emo rocker and wanted nothign more than to be in a band! Thanks ma and da, yous are sound! 

Favourite Christmas scent?
Definately Christmas Dinner being cooked! Lord damn!!! Thats some smell I tells ya!
Nothing makes me happier than the smell of that!
And also Yankee Candle Christmas Eve / Snow in love 

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?
Damn right!
Ever since we were kids, me and my four youngest brothers used to always stay in my room on Christmas eve. And we STILL do that to this day, they all bring their matresses into my room and we all sleep in there together after opening one present! We will be minus one brther as he's in Florida this year but at least we can all skype him to make him a part of it all!

What tops your tree?
Since I was 10 a Christmas themed Tinkerbell doll tops my tree, we got her In Disney World Florida when we visited the first time! Shes so pretty!

As A kid, what is the one extravagant gift you asked for but never got?
Ah jaysus I can't even remember, something insanely stupid like a stage for my band or something! 

Whats the best part about Christmas for you?
Having everyone be lazy together!
We have a Pyjama Christmas so we've never got christmas clothes!
We all sit around in our PJ's together and chill and get drunk and eats loads of food!
I also love seeing my brothers faces when they open their presents, no matter how old they get, that will never get old to me.

And I tag everyone who hasn't done this to do it!!

The Parma Violet