Saturday, 31 January 2015

All work & no pay makes skin a dull pain

Oh holy mother of shite it has been SO long since I last blogged! I just bagged myself an amazing job in Nando's in Tallaght (Dublin) so I haven't even got time to sleep let alone blog! I'm super excited about this because its actually my first ever proper job eeeeek! So I'm uber sorry I have neglected you all! Has anyone else out there bagged themselves a job in the new year? If so then this post is just the one for you!
So lets have a look at the stuff that gets me through my working days

No7 BB Lips beauty balm in Ballerina 
Working in a highly air conditioned place can really, really dry out your skin but it can also really dry out your lips! I found my lips getting super dry/chapped super quick whilst working so that's why I whacked out this bad boy! This luscious lip balm is super hydrating and continues to nourish that pucker for hours! So no need to keep topping it up! absolute lifesaver!

Boots Essentials Fragrance Free Moisturising Cream
As most of you know my skin is a nightmare, i have the most sensitive skin due to rosacea , which means almost nothing ever works for me. But THIS moisturiser is the bomb! Again, the air conditioning in work is drying out my skin so so much, i find that applying this once int he morning and once in the evening is keeping my skin hydrated and healthy looking without being harsh on my skin, result! 

Soap & Glory Heel Genius Foot cream
I recently splurged and treated myself to some soap & Glory goodness and oh my god I am so glad i did.
Working as a hostess/waitress/cashier  means being on your feet all day and being on your feel all day means painful, radiating blisters from the pits of hell
Aside from it smelling fucking magnificent, this tube of goodness works wonders, i find it really cools my feet and restores moisture to them awful painful dry spots! So run a bucket full of hot soapy water , grab a cuppa and soak your feet for a while then lather this on your pretty feet and relax :)

MUA LUXE lip lacquers
If I'm on host, I usually give my look a pop of colour with these amazing lip lacquers from MUA cosmetics!
Goes on wet and dries completely matte! How amazing, and the best bit is you dont need to top these bad boys up at all! They cling to your lips for dear life! So not even eating, drinking or even kissing will make this amazing lacquer budge! These are a perfect dupe for Limecrimes Velvetines, and at just £3 they're a fraction of the price too! 

NO7 Protect and perfect intense day hand cream
NO7 Beautiful skin dry skin rescue
Both of these are sent from above, they just have to be
The hand cream is super luscious and thick and keeps your hands hydrated all day!
The dry skin rescue is fantastic for your elbows, Ive noticed the skin on my elbows getting quite dry and flaky ( that had NEVER happened before) , this instantly cures all flaky dry skin and makes skin appear healthy and radiant! 
Sure for Women, Maximum Protection Cream Deodorant
This stuff is NEEDED when you have a fast paced job
Simply apply to your underarms in the morning and this will last you all day with not even a tiny hint of sweat! A little goes a long way with this deodorant stick! it smells so fresh and clean and REALLY does the job! 

Clear nail polish
Most Jobs don't allow you to wear any nail Polish, and that kind of sucks, so that's where clear polish comes into play.
not only does it give your nails a healthy shine but it will protect your nails!
It's also great for keeping your buttons on your shirt in place, shining up your belt buckle and great for preventing that dreading green tinge from cheap jewelry! So this is handy to bring everywhere!

Dry Shampoo
I try not to use dry shampoo alot but its hard not to when you finish your shift at midnight, get home for 1am and you re up again at 8am. It's impossible! So that's where everyone's best friend & worst enemy dry shampoo comes into play, I find most dry shampoos can be a tad pricey. That's why I pop down to my local Superdrug and pick up their own brand dry shampoo! It's a god send 

I hope this post was helpful to all you working ladies out there! What are your working saviours?
Let me know by commenting below!

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