Sunday, 18 January 2015

My Limecrime Lust List

As most of you well know Limecrime is probably the prettiest makeup out there..And for those who don't know, now you do!
The world is so full of boring black packaged makeup, all looking the same, or copying one another. Limecrime punches through that boring 'black' market and covers the world in bright, electric, alternative makeup for girls who know what they want!
Soo seeming as I'm starting my new job tomorrow ( oh my god it's been a looong time coming) that means money, money means i can ACTUALLY get some Limecrime (so excited i may pass out)
So here is what I am lusting for from Limecrime this year

Limecrime - Velvetines // Salem

 Limecrime - Velvetines // Wicked
limecrime // Serpentina

Limecrime - Eyeliner // ORCHIDACEOUS

Limecrime - Velvetines // Riot

Limecrime - eyeshadow palette // Venus

Limecrime - Glitter // Cancer

Limecrime - Velvetines // Cashmere

Limecrime - Glitter // Libra 

*Velvetine lipstick - goes on wet, dries matte, doesn't budge

*Limecrime Glitter -  Can be used anywhere eyes, nails, name it!

*Limecrime Venus - Grunge inspired super pigmented eyeshadow's 

*Limecrime Eyeliner - Tiny but powerful and super pigmented

*Serpentina lipstick - A limited edition lipstick usually brought out around  Halloween

If i had to pick just ONE item it'd have to be the Venus grunge inspired palette!
Just look at that stunning packaging, it would almost be too beautiful to use!

Have you bought any Limecrime products? If so what did you think of them?
Let me know!

The Parma Violet