Friday, 16 January 2015

What I got for Christmas

''But it's not Christmas Nadine'' I knooooow!!Soooooo I'm late on a Christmas post! We JUST got out of the Christmas buzz and I'm bringing it back...jaysus..So lets rewind the clocks and pretend to be festive again especially for this post

Now I've had alot of requests for me to post about what I got for Christmas, and I've been meaning to do it for soo long but I put it on the long finger , like the lazy bum I am! So lets get straight to it shall we?
What DID I get for Christmas?
My parents (I mean Santa) were incredibly generous and got me the No.7 ultimate collection box from boots! I was so blown away, the packaging itself is so unbelievably pretty! boxes with powder pink and rose gold lids all decorated with a gorgeous bow!I am totally amazed by everything in these boxes!  so what are inside those boxes? Behold!
No.7 protect & perfect Night cream
No.7 protect & perfect day cream
*Both full size*
No.7 Protect & perfect intense Day hand cream
No.7 beautiful skin dry skin rescue
No.7 Lovely lashes mascara
*full size*
No.7 BB Lips beauty balm - Ballerina 
*Full Size*
No.7 Blissful Body Wash
No.7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing lotion
No.7 Sumptuous Bath Soak
No.7 Completely Quenched Hydration body lotion
*All full sized*

Next up we have the infamous No.7 double sided illuminating mirror! HOW did I survive without this mirror?! Oh my days its magic, i swear! One side is a normal light up mirror and the other is a magnified mirror great fr plucking them brows and getting the perfect flick on your eyeliner! Yes this mirror really is worth splashing the dosh on!
*Sorry about the terrible photo quality* 

Annnd i finally own one! I got an In-Styler!
I have been cursed with dull, thin looking, limp hair and I'm always craving volume! And that is where this does not disappoint. I'm still getting the hang of it but ever since I started using it I've been getting some great compliments on my hair! I find this has made my hair look 20 times thicker and 20 times healthier too! If you crave volume and life like my hair does then run out and pick yourself up one of these! This badboy straightens ,curls & waves your hair! What more do you want?!
Available in boots or online

My awesome awesome awesome boyfriend Dan got me an amazing tablet & gorgeous tablet case! Unknown to him I actually spotted this tablet case in Dunnes earlier on in the month and wished I had a reason to buy it as I had no tablet but the case was super stunning!I couldn't believe it when I opened the wrapping paper and there it was!The back casing looks a tad like one of those new iPhones - Delighted so I am! Now I can blog on the go! Thanks Dan! 
He also got me a huge cosy jumper that I've been after for years from one of my favourite shops in Dublin (Tambuli in Temple Bar) It has to be my most favourite item of clothing I own! its super warm,well made and made with real wool! Here's a picture of my cute tiny nan sporting it on my recent trip over to Birmingham, doesn't she look so cute :)

My brother Ciaran got me a lovely Soap & Glory set (I have an obsession) I was totally over the moon with this! I was going to run in and buy this in the sales and everything! 
The newest box set - Eau la la - complete with the new fresh orange scented products!
Orangeasm body lotion
Orangeasm body wash
Soap & Glory Super Tonic fragrance

Dan's parents are always super generous with their gifts at xmas and got me a well needed pair of super fluffy slippers, and the coolest set of batman PJ's in the world (no pics as they were all in the wash sorry) His sister was a lifesaver and got me this VERY cute 2015 super girly planner! In was on the look out for a small but cute planner and she saved the day! 

Needless to say I'm so very thrilled about all the presents I got! What did you get for Christmas?
Did you get anything on my list here? what did you think?
Let me know!

The Parma Violet