Thursday, 15 January 2015

What happened in 2014?

Seeming as my last requested blog post done so well (my most viewed blog post which you can view here) I decided to take another request! A beautiful, young new follower from Germany wished to see my 2014 in its entirety! Such a lovely & refreshing request to get! This post may be a tad long so grab a cup of tea, get cosy and light a gorgeous smelly candle as I bring you through my 2014.

It all started with getting rid of my pink hair! For GOOD this time My hair is FOREVER changing.. from blues, to pinks,reds,green,purple orange, to Mohawks and dreadlocks I have had every hairstyle under the sun. But this colour was a tad more special. Me and my younger brother Alan decided to partake and dye our hair pink for the annual 'Shave or Dye' challenge for Cancer research. My grandmother had just got diagnosed with cervical cancer so we decided to raise a little awareness and some money for a great cause. Again, a HUGE thank you to those who sponsored us!

2014 also seen the start of my blog! I had wanted to start a blog for ages and ages but to be honest, I lacked confidence and was too afraid about what others may think. After a few of my friends/family and outsiders getting in touch with me about creating a blog, I thought why not. I bit the bullet and created my blog then and there. I didn't even know what I was going to call it. At the time I was munching my life away on a packet of Parma Violets (my favourite sweets) and the rest is history. 
Soon after I created my blog I was getting invited to events! I couldn't believe it. I felt so overwhelmed and lucky to be attending these events with some of Ireland's top bloggers and getting to mingle and a few celebs too!I have made some amazing friends along the way too & love nothing more than going to events with them all! You are all awesome

In May me & my friends all decided to go on a huge group holiday in Portugal!
I had never been to Portugal before so I was SUPER excited! I think in total there was 12 of us heading over and my brother Niall (who was living in Spain at the time) was going to drive over and stay with us for a few days!
We rented a very modern huge villa just 5 minute walk from the strip complete with salt water pool.
We felt like we hit the jackpot! We got our very own boat and sailed to our very own private beach complete with BBQ and wine on arrival!
We also took a trip to Slide & Splash - The local water park.Needless to say, my brother turned up the night before so a good few drinks were in order, and we were most definitely paying for it the next day at the water park!
All in all it was an unreal trip even though afterwards some friendships have been broken, some friendships were made even stronger! And since then my brother is now living in Florida & theres even been a wedding!
So we are currently planning our next group holiday :)

Every year I get so pumped for all the gigs and festivals that are coming just around the corner! Last year I only went to TWO concerts! I am appalled at myself! In all seriousness though it was due to severe lack of funds! The first gig I went to was McBusted! After being an avid Busted fan since day dot, I was only DELIGHTED when they announced a gig with Mcfly! I went with my friend Helen and her sister, It was an unreal gig and getting to see Matt Willis was DEFINITELY a highlight! 
Me and Helen also went to see biffy Clyro! One band I had never ever seen before but i have always wanted to! Helen was kind enough to lend me money for a ticket! Awww!
It was an amazing gig, i cannot fault it! It had the most perfect summer setting! A roasting hot sun set and a topless Simon Neil on stage :p 

And in October me and Dan celebrated our two year anniversary (huge soppy awwww)
We decided to go travelling for this one, not too far though, we went to Galway!!
I briefly visited Galway a few years back on a college trip and have always wanted to go back! We stayed in the Connacht hotel in a huuuuge room! The weather wasn't the best when we were there but we made the most of it seeing all the top attractions & also going out for a VERY tasty anniversary meal!You can read more about this trip here

In June my Jaw literally dropped!
I recently put in for Simplybe Ireland's curvy model search! Another model agency actually put my details through for me.. weeks and weeks went by and I heard nothing, I actually forgot about it! i got a letter through the door one morning, as I opened it I couldn't believe my eyes
''Congratulations Nadine, you have been chosen as one of our Ms Curvy semi finalists''
Whaaaaaat! Something like this has never happened to me before! I was insanely excited! I turned up at the Gibson hotel bright eyed and bushy tailed! I was one of 300 other gorgeously curvy women chosen and I got to chatting to some of the funniest & beautiful women I have ever met. You can read my post on this event here. Needless to say i didn't get chosen as one of their five finalists but i was just delighted to be a part of that whole experience! 

Through all the hustle and bustle of what 2014 had to bring, our world was shaken as my amazing Grandmother sadly lost her battle with cancer on October 20th (my brothers 21st birthday) The world has lost a beautiful person and one hell of a grandmother.

Shortly after the death of my grandmother I decided to get my life back on track and I decided to join Slimming World. Throughout the year i had let myself go completely. I ate what I wanted, When i wanted and deluded myself into thinking I was the same size as I have always been. But how wrong I was, at 5'7'' I ballooned to 13 stone. Since I joined at the start of December I have lost nearly a stone weighing in at 12 stone 2 pounds :) I lost half a stone in just two weeks! 
I'm going to keep on track and try to reach my goal of 10 stone this year! 
if anyone else is doing Slimming world please let me know and share your story, i love finding inspiration through others and their wonderful stories! 

Thank you Ana for the wonderful request!i hope you enjoyed a look at my 2014 :)
If anyone else has any more requests or simply wants to share their 2014 experiences then feel free to comment below or get in touch!

The Parma Violet