Sunday, 11 January 2015

M.A.C - 5 terrible products

Everyone who is everyone knows that M.A.C products can be totally 100% overpriced but can they be 100% over rated? 

YES! Oh my good god yes they can!

But it's so hard to tell whats good and whats bad  with everyone and their mothers brown nosing MAC constantly! 
We are constantly spoon fed that 'MAC can't do no wrong' and 'oh ALL their products are amazing'
Well I'm here to tell you, whilst MAC have some undoubtedly great products, they also have some that are the overpriced scrapings from the bottom of the barrel.
So here are 5 products from MAC that I steer WELL clear of.

Number 5
M.A.C Pro Longwear foundation 
Last year I scrimped and I saved to get myself a bottle of this utter shite.
I paid money i didn't have in order to buy this. I seen this all over instagram and the likes.
This bottle was made out to be the nectar of the gods.
As I suffer with Rosacea & also very pale, I always have to ask the floor staff a million questions regarding foundation. The woman who worked in M.A.C assured me that it's perfectly fine for pale & sensitive skin and that it would suit any skin type.
When I got home, I threw this on my face, the colour matched perfect and I was delighted, the coverage wasn't the best though. But after an hour the foundation turned orangey,dry and patchy EVEN with moisturising and priming beforehand.. The staying power is awful too. So if there is any pale ladies reading, stay well away from this secret tango foundation.

Number 4
M.A.C Nail Lacquer
I don't get the hype...AT ALL
This time I learnt my lesson with the foundation and didn't buy any varnishes. But I have tried SO many and my god the quality is awful. Some peal, Some crack, some are so painfully translucent it annoys the living shite out of me. 
I haven't found a MAC nail varnish that is of high quality at all.
Another over priced and over rated product.

Number 3 
M.A.C mascara
I have tried loads, if not all of these and they are all the same.
Clumpy, cheap and dreadful!
Every time I used them so many of my eyelashes would fall out. I have NO idea how M.A.C could actually be OK with selling these to the general public. If you love your lashes and don't want to look like a scary doll then stay away for the love of god.

Number 2
Pro Longwear Concealer 
Why is this being ranted and raved about?
Honestly I do not get it at all!
As I have quite bad asthma I have very dark circles under my eyes. The woman in M.A.C told me it was the utter best for dark circles exactly like mine. I went home and looked it up all over the Internet and everyone said the same thing.
But my god! I've never tried such an expensive heap of shite in all my days.
There are a million and one concealer's that are of extremely high quality and inexpensive and THIS is not one of them. Utter disappointment 

Number one
M.A.C Prep + Prime eyeshadow primer
...Is MAC honestly having a laugh?
I couldn't believe how absolutely AWFUL this primer is.
Please don't get brainwashed by the whole ''Oh but its MAC it must be good''
This creases your eyeshadow up until no end! And to make things worse it actually makes your eyeshadow wear off even more! I hated everything about this product. 
You're own spit would probably work better as a primer.
Do not waste your money, you'll be sorely let down.

So what did you think? Do you share the same hatred for these products OR do you thoroughly enjoy them? Is there any other MAC products you think are over rated?
Let me know!


The Parma Violet

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