Friday, 2 January 2015

The flops of 2014

Welcome to my flops of 2014!

I think its only fair seeming as I posted about my favourites from 2014 that made me go wow here, I thought it was only fitting that I showed you a few products from 2014 that made me go...meh.
Not all products are 'bad' but I have had some bad experiences with some of them. So what collections and products did I feel didn't meet the hype? 

In no particular order we have...


Although I do love Makeup revolution and I adore their eyeshadow and highlighters, I feel that I was immensely let down with their lipsticks. After seeing some amazing reviews online I decided to buy myself some, after dying with excitement for them to show up, when they did I was immensely let down. They seem super oily and greasy with little or no staying power on most lipsticks, and they made my lips SUPER chapped and even made them bleed!.Although I do absolutely adore the brand and all their other makeup products, I'm afraid this was a total and complete let down. Sorry makeup revolution!
But do check out their fantastic eyeshadow palettes! I can never fault them! Simply beautiful


When I seen the ad's for this collection, I'm not going to lie, I was really excited.I ran down to my local Boots and bought myself 'Eva's Nude' as it was the one that would suit me the most. After coming home and comparing shades with my friends we realised that most if not all of the shades look nearly the exact same when applied. I was gutted! These lipsticks almost come out like a sheer lipgloss rather than a nude lipstick. I LOVE L'Oreal and had utter confidence in them regarding these lippies, but unfortunately they were a let down, BUT after releasing their 'pure reds' collection I can forgive them because it is FABULOUS! If you are looking for the perfect red, then pick up 'Blakes red' 


Now before I start with this one, this is NOT a bad mascara.
I am blessed with naturally long & thick lashes and I always want a mascara that does them justice, unfortunately this does not.
BUT This would be perfect for those with shorter or thinner lashes as it gives super definition. I adore the packaging, super cheeky and very 1950's. I adore every product from The Balm but this just didn't suit me. Again, this is NOT a bad product.
Its not you....its me...


There is absolutely nothing here that made me go ''I JUST HAVE TO HAVE THAT''.
2014 was MAC's ''Limited Edition'' year.
There seemed to be Limited edition this Limited edition that every two seconds, and I think that MAC really overlooked the product quality and packaging immensely. This was the one collection I was really looking forward to, but I felt so underwhelmed that I didn't buy anything from this collection.
Just me?...

This ad seemed to be on telly every two god damn seconds. I seen so much about it online AND the men's original One Million smells so good I decided to take a sniff of the stuff.
Great bottle. great name... same generic overpriced perfume smell
Do not waste your money. It smells like every other generic perfume out there.

So what do you think? Do you share the disappointment? Or did I leave out something from 2014 that seemed like the biggest let down of the century? Let me know!

The Parma Violet