Sunday, 4 January 2015

Top 5 MAC lipstick & lipliner combo's

Does anyone else have problems looking for a lipstick & lip liner that actually work together? Sometimes when you walk into MAC you may be a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of choice and won't even know where to begin?!
...If so, make a cup of tea, put on your pyjamas, and nom on some chocolate as I bring you down the list of my all time favourite MAC lipstick & Lip liner combinations.

At number 5 we have...

Ruby Woo & Cherry 
If you're looking for the ultimate 50's matte lip then look no further.
There is no duo quite like this one. With amazing staying power, you wont need to top this lipstick up all night! One application is all it needs..Unless maybe you're kissing the face off the guy next to you.

In at number 4 its..

Viva glam 2 & Stone
I adore this duo. If you're feeling something a bit more ''natural fox''  then this is the combination for you. Perfect for creating that Kim K  look that everyone is crazy for!

Next up is..

Kinda Sexy & Whirl
Now this is your perfect pinky nude collab. Think Kylie Jenner but hotter cause YOU'LL be wearing it ;) 
Not everyone can pull off ''kinda sexy'' as a lipstick alone, but paired up with ''whirl'' it pretty much suits everyone! So pucker up gorgeous!

At number 2 its none other than..

Heroine & Nightmoth
Even that name combo is perfect!
I adore dark lips, I usually wear dark lips all year round but THIS has to be the best dark lip duo to ever be created! I find this best suited to very pale people (like myself) BUT all skin tones can pull this off just as well!
I find the electric violet tone in this lipstick tends to make teeth appear whiter and eyes brighter. You'll be a total knockout 

And finally, in at the number one spot its...

Velvet Teddy & Spice 
Now I know this might seem a tad generic, but you really cannot go wrong by combining these two. This look will take you from morning to night. Perfect for literally any occasion.Perfect for almost any skin tone too. So if you're a MAC virgin, and looking for the perfect lip but don't quite know where to start...most DEFINITELY star with this one

Do you have any other combo's that you find you cannot live without? Let me know! 

The Parma Violet